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Project Description

First of all, have a look to the game:

This game has been coded with SilverLight Alpha 1.1 and C# in only 5
intensives nights! Enjoy! It was originally a game created on the J2ME
platform. I rescaled the arts with the Scale2X algo. This explains the
size of the game screen.


You can download the sources in the "Release" Section here:

Setup Tips

I updated it to work with the 1.1 Alpha Refresh. But launching the project
with F5 under VS Orcas won’t work as the game needs to download resources.
You have 2 options to make it working:
- Publish it through a local IIS Virtual Directory
- Launch the project through Blend 2.0


You can contact me at in case of problems but please avoid
useless questions. Also, you'll find some updates on my blog

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